DAMA DMBok Data Governance Specialist

Kód kurzu: DAMADGS

This 1-day DAMA DMBOK Data Management Specialist course addresses all required disciplines required for the Data Governance (DG) specialist exam by the international standard, DAMA Body of Knowledge (DMBOK2) and is aimed at individuals interested in developing concrete professionalism in the field of Data Management with a specialization in Data Governance.

This course provides a solid foundation of the different information disciplines across the complete Data Governance spectrum.

The DG specialist course explores the foundational principles and best practices for establishing and managing effective data governance frameworks within organizations. This includes understanding the roles, responsibilities, and processes involved in governing data assets throughout their lifecycle. You’ll delve into strategies for defining data policies, standards, and procedures to ensure data quality, integrity, and security. Additionally, the course covers the importance of data stewardship, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Popis kurzu

  • Grasping the core concepts, principles, and importance of data governance within organizations.
  • Learning how to define and implement data governance frameworks, including roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures.
  • Understanding the processes and workflows involved in data governance, such as data stewardship, metadata management, and data quality management.
  • Understanding regulatory requirements and industry standards related to data governance and implementing processes to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.
  • Developing strategies for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of data governance programs and initiatives and making continuous improvements.

Cílová skupina

The course of Data Governance Specialist is designed for Analytics Managers, IT Managers, Data Management Professionals, Data Engineers, Data Analysts and Scientists, Database Administrators, Database Modelers, Compliance Officers, and professionals interested in Data Governance.

The following job roles also qualify:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse developers & architects
  • Data Modellers
  • Developers
  • Data & Enterprise Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Project / Programme Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Quality Managers
  • Information Quality Practitioners

Struktura kurzu


  • Overview of data governance concepts, principles, and benefits.
  • Understanding the role of data governance in supporting organizational goals and objectives.
  • Defining roles and responsibilities within a data governance framework, including data stewards, data owners, and data custodians.
  • Implementing data governance processes, such as data quality management, metadata management, and data access control.
  • Overview of data governance tools and technologies available in the market to support data governance initiatives.
  • Implementing processes to ensure compliance and mitigate risks associated with data governance.
  • Defining data stewardship roles and responsibilities.
  • Tips and strategies for successfully completing DAMA certification exams in data governance.

Agenda of the Course

The course includes training, practice, and downloadable materials for the facilitation of learners. The main sections of the training are:

  • Introduction
    Relations with other DAMA topics, drivers, goals, and principles.
  • Essential concepts
    Data management and governance, operating model, stewardship, data policies, and data asset valuation.
  • Activities
    Define DG and perform readiness assessment, perform business alignment, develop organizational touch points, develop data governance strategy, define the DG operating framework, engage change management, engage in issue management, assess regulatory compliance requirements, embed data governance.
  • Tools & Techniques
    Online presence, business glossary, workflow tools, document management tools, and data governance scorecards.
  • Implementation
    Organization and culture, Adjustment and communication, and metrics.


There are several benefits of participating in the Data Governance Specialist course. Some of them include:

  • Learners get a solid foundation on data governance.
  • Learners become certified data governance Specialists.
  • Learners learn to understand the principal concepts and terminology.

This course is designed to facilitate the learning and understanding of learners about data governance and its related concepts.



Předpokládané znalosti

CDMP-DMF, DAMA DMBoK Data Management Fundamentals

Recommended prerequisites:

  • CDMP-DMF – DAMA DMBoK Data Management Fundamentals

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Attending this course will give the learners a solid preparation to sustain the following specialist certification exam:

  • DAMA Certified Governance (CDMP)

This exam is not included in the course price and can be booked in addition to the course.

Additional Certification Requirements:

  • CDMP Practitioner: 70% pass in Data Management Fundamentals exam and 70% pass in 2 specialist exams and between 2 and 10 years of Industry Experience.
  • CDMP Master: 80% pass in Data Management Fundamentals exam and 80% pass in 2 specialist exams and more than 10 years of Industry Experience.

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