Certified (Text) Generative AI Ambassador Exam


This is only the Certified (Text) Generative AI Ambassador Exam. The course that will prepare you for this exam is ChatGPT for Business + exam.

The EDF Certified (Text) Generative AI Ambassador certification, part of the Effective Data Foundation portfolio, serves as an objective indicator of certified individuals’ competency in both the theoretical and applied dimensions of text-based artificial intelligence.

Certified individuals not only have a firm grasp of foundational concepts but also possess the skills to implement and manage text generative AI systems across various applications. Their training encompasses critical areas such as data ethics and model optimization, enabling them to contribute effectively to projects in this rapidly evolving field. As data becomes increasingly central to decision-making across diverse industries, this certification ensures that certified individuals are well-equipped to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

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Forma: Zkouška

Délka kurzu: 1 hodina

Jazyk: en

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Na vyžádání Zkouška 1 hodina en 6 500 Kč Registrovat
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Popis kurzu

The following table is an overview of the topics examined in the certification exam.

#questions Level(s) of Cognition Category
1 2 3
4 Introduction to AI

  • Essentials of AI
  • AI in practice
4 Introduction to ChatGPT

  • Introduction to Text Generative
  • Application, limitations, risks,
  • Large language models
6 Basic prompts

  • Prompt Engineering Application
  • Strategies and Techniques
  • Expert role
  • Prompt design principles
6 Prompt engineering

  • Problem setting
  • Applying prompt design principles
6 Case study

  • Content generation
  • Idea validation
  • Researching complex topics
6 API and plugins

  • Premium versions
  • Showcase Plugins
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • API for custom AI Chatbot
4 What comes next

  • NLP models
  • Text-to-image, music, Speech, video and 3D
4 Ethics

  • Biases in AI algorithms
  • Influance job market
  • Privacy and security
  • Misinformation
  • Copyright

Cílová skupina

  • Individuals who need a basic understanding ChatGPT
  • Professionals who want to learn the potential and pitfalls of ChatGPT and how to deal with it
  • Business Analyst

Struktura kurzu

Attempts per voucher: 1
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 65%
Time: 60 minutes
Open-book: No
Language: English
Invigilation: None
Question type: Multiple choice


The EDF Certified (Text) Generative AI Ambassador is valid for two years.

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