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Kód školení: ELAEII

Elasticsearch Engineer II

This instructor-led course is designed for Elasticsearch professionals who need to expand their skill set for developing and managing powerful search and analytics solutions with the Elastic Stack. You will learn advanced cluster management techniques, best practices for capacity planning and scaling, tips for monitoring and alerting, considerations for going into production, and more. You will also dig into field and document modeling, fixing data with Painless scripting, cross-cluster search, pipeline aggregations, and more.

After completing this course, you will be prepared to attempt the Elastic Certified Engineer exam. 

Topics Covered

  • Elasticsearch data modeling
  • Elasticsearch data processing
  • Elasticsearch from dev to production
  • Elasticsearch cluster deployment
  • Elasticsearch nodes and index management
  • Elasticsearch advanced tips and tricks

Obsah školení

Elasticsearch data modeling

Learn the details of how strings are analyzed andindexed in Elasticsearch. Learn how to designand model fields in your documents, includingdiscussions on granular fields and importantnaming conventions with the Elastic CommonSchema. Learn why denormalizing documents issuggested, and how you can do it. Understand inwhich use cases denormalizing is not enoughand how you can leverage nested fields, as wellas join fields

Elasticsearch data processing

Learn how ingest pipelines can modify andenrich your data. Understand the pros and consof batch processing using the Reindex, Updateby Query, and Delete by Query APIs. Learn howto use the Painless scripting language inElasticsearch, and discuss both the index andsearch use cases for scripting.

Elasticsearch from dev to production

Understand the best practices to secure your Elasticsearchcluster. Learn the differences between development andproduction modes, as well as how caching works. Exploreitems to consider when moving to production, includingindex aliases, index templates, search templates, dynamicindexes, and dynamic fields.

Elasticsearch cluster deployment

Learn how to back up and restore a cluster. Understand howto leverage your architecture topology using shard allocationawareness and forced awareness. Learn how to upgradeyour system and deal with cluster restarts. Understand theuse cases for having multiple clusters and how to leverageboth cross-cluster replication and cross-cluster search.

Elasticsearch nodes and index management

Understand what dedicated nodes are and how they can beapplied to different use cases. Learn how to build a fullycustomized architecture that makes the most of each serverusing shard filtering. Manage your time-series index like apro with index lifecycle management (ILM). Review the indexmanagement UI and understand how rollups can optimizeyour cluster.

Elasticsearch advanced tips and tricks

Explore the challenges of distributed operations and howElasticsearch handles them. Learn how to design for scaleand how oversharding can crash your cluster. Also learnhow to optimize for read or write throughputs. Then exploresome common causes of poor search performance andlearn how to properly address them. Finally, learn serverconfiguration best practices to consider when moving toproduction, including network setup, hardwarerequirements, and JVM settings.

  • Purchase two in-classroom training seats on the same order and get 50% off the second seat.

To register for this class, please provide participant information below. Registrations will close 2 days prior to the start of the course.

Registrations placed before Pondělí, 28. října 2019 23:59 CET are priced at € 1275.00. The regular price for this training is € 1500.00 per participant.

Předpokládané znalosti

Complete the Elasticsearch Engineer I course, or possess equivalent Elasticsearch knowledge

Cena školení

38.250,- Kč bez DPH
46.283,- Kč s DPH

Termíny školení

Datum Garantovaný Lokalita Jazyk kurzu Délka kurzu
6. prosince 2021 - Praha Čeština 2 dny Registrovat
6. prosince 2021 - Praha Angličtina 2 dny Registrovat
6. prosince 2021 - Bratislava Slovenština 2 dny Registrovat
6. prosince 2021 - Bratislava Angličtina 2 dny Registrovat

Virtuální kurz

Datum Jazyk kurzu Délka kurzu
Virtuální kurz Angličtina 2 dny Registrovat

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