Istio Service Mesh Essentials (LFS245)

Kód kurzu: LFS245

Learn Istio essentials such as: explaining the basic building blocks of Envoy proxy and how it fits within Istio; using IstioOperator API to install, configure; and secure the mesh; manage traffic using Istio CRDs and Gateway API; and create policies to install Istio across multiple clusters.

  • Online, Self Paced
  • 20-25 Hours of Course Material
  • Hands-on Labs & Assignments
  • 12 Months of Access to Online Course
  • Digital Badge
  • Discussion forums

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Termíny kurzu

Počáteční datum: Na vyžádání

Forma: Self-paced

Délka kurzu: 365 dnů

Jazyk: en

Cena bez DPH: 2 280 Kč


Počáteční datum: Na vyžádání

Forma: Self-paced + Zkouška

Délka kurzu: 365 dnů

Jazyk: en

Cena bez DPH: 6 840 Kč


Forma Délka
Jazyk Cena bez DPH
Na vyžádání Self-paced 365 dnů en 2 280 Kč Registrovat
Na vyžádání Self-paced + Zkouška 365 dnů en 6 840 Kč Registrovat
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Popis kurzu

This course, along with real-world experience and additional study, will provide the skills and knowledge tested by the Istio Certified Associate (ICA) exam.

Cílová skupina

This course is for application developers, DevOps engineers and security professionals, familiar with Kubernetes, who need a service mesh layer to effectively operate their containerized systems.

Struktura kurzu

1. Course Introduction
2. Introduction to Istio Service Mesh
3. Installing and Configuring Istio Service Mesh
4. Managing Ingress and Egress Traffic
5. Managing Traffic with Istio
6. Resiliency and Fault Injection
7. Observability in Istio
8. Security
9. Ambient Mesh
10. Advanced Topics
11. Troubleshooting Istio

Předpokládané znalosti

Before starting this course, you should be familiar with:

  • Basic Linux concepts and using the command line – we recommend the free Introduction to Linux (LSF101) course
  • Kubernetes fundamentals and Kubernetes CLI – we recommend the free Introduction to Kubernetes (LFS158) course
  • A basic introduction to Istio – we recommend the free Introduction to Istio (LFS144) course

For hands-on exercises, access to a Kubernetes cluster is required.

You should be able to complete the lab exercises with a Kubernetes cluster from cloud providers like GCP, AWS, Azure, or Oracle OCI. Some cloud providers offer free tiers or credits, but you may incur charges if you exceed the initially allocated cloud provider credits, or if the cloud provider’s terms and conditions change.

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