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CIPP/E training builds a deep understanding of European laws, regulations and policy frameworks. The curriculum includes explanations of European regulatory structures; concepts of data protection; major laws including the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive; and more.
The European Union’s GDPR and the data privacy laws of individual European nations are among the world’s strictest, carrying high fines for improperly handling personal information. IAPP European Data Protection Training, the training aligned with ANSI/ISO-accredited CIPP/E certification, is in-depth instruction on understanding and applying laws governing data collection, processing and management.

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Počáteční datum: 26.09.2022

Forma: Virtuální

Délka kurzu: 2 dny

Jazyk: en

Cena bez DPH: 43 800 Kč


Počáteční datum: 24.10.2022

Forma: Virtuální

Délka kurzu: 2 dny

Jazyk: en

Cena bez DPH: 43 800 Kč


Počáteční datum: Individuální

Forma: Individuální

Délka kurzu: 2 dny

Jazyk: en

Cena bez DPH: 43 800 Kč


Forma Délka
Jazyk Cena bez DPH
26.09.2022 Virtuální 2 dny en 43 800 Kč Registrovat
24.10.2022 Virtuální 2 dny en 43 800 Kč Registrovat
Individuální Individuální 2 dny en 43 800 Kč Registrovat
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Cílová skupina

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European and international data protection professionals who manage or work within GDPR and European national compliance frameworks, and/or those pursuing CIPP/E certification. IAPP European Data Protection training helps satisfy GDPR requirements for DPOs (data protection officers) responsible for monitoring compliance, managing data protection activities, etc.

Struktura kurzu

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GDPR Compliance

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the GDPR’s essential elements and how to integrate them into a compliance framework.
  • Data processing principles, GDPR scope, consent, legitimate interests and special categories.
  • Data subject rights, privacy notices and transparency.
  • International data transfers.
  • Processing employee data, surveillance, marketing and internet considerations.
  • Security of processing: controls, mechanisms, data breach notifications.
  • Accountability, including data protection by design and default, data protection impact assessments, and data protection officer roles and responsibilities.

Foundations of European Data Protection

  • Learn the respective roles of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Understand the interplay between the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive, and related legislation such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Trace the evolution of data protection laws, including the Data Protection Directive and the GDPR.
  • Recognize personal data, anonymous and pseudonymous data, and special categories of data.
  • Know the responsibilities of different data protection roles, such as controllers and processors.

Legislation and Regulatory Bodies

  • Learn the major regulatory bodies, including the European Data Protection Board and the Data Protection Supervisor, and their enforcement powers.
  • Know the roles, powers and procedures of supervisory authorities.
  • Gain a solid grasp of remedies, liabilities, penalties, and administrative fines.


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  • Total number of questions: 90
  • Maximum allowed time: 2.5h
  • Passing score: Because there can be slight differences in the difficulty of exam forms, all raw scores (i.e., the number of questions answered correctly) are converted to a common scale ranging from 100 to 500. The passing score for all IAPP exams is 300 (which does not represent 60%). Please refer to  Certification Candidate Handbook Exam Information section beginning on the page 10.

Here are our top five reasons why IAPP certification and training are sure to advance your organization.

  1. The CIPP is the global industry standard for professionals entering and working in the field of privacy.
  2. Achieving a CIPP/E credential demonstrates understanding of a principles-based framework and knowledge base in information privacy within the European context, including critical topics like Schrems II and the GDPR (including Mandatory DPOs).
  3. You’ll be recognized as part of an elite group of knowledgeable, capable and dedicated data protection practitioners.
  4. Holding a CIPP/E designation elevates your leadership profile among your colleagues.
  5. The CIPP/E is a key benchmark among top employers for hiring and promoting privacy professionals.

Additional Resources provided by the IAPP

Preparing for the exam – https://iapp.org/certify/prepare/
Maintaining your certification – https://iapp.org/certify/cpe/

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