Automotive Cybersecurity Certification: Level One C2105

Kód kurzu: C2105

The automotive industry is challenged with new quality requirements due to the increasing digitalization, interaction, and automation of vehicles. It is essential that road vehicles and their components are being developed with cybersecurity in mind. This has a significant impact on vehicle development and the entire life cycle.

This course has been developed in cooperation with TÜV SÜD. The certification concept behind the training comprises a multi-stage qualification and is characterized by a high level of practical bearing.

Course participants gain holistic knowledge of vehicle quality and risk management through this course. The participants are shown the connection between threat and risk analysis, security concept, security specification and verification and validation concept over the complete life cycle of a vehicle. Practical examples from our experts and exercises support the transfer of the learning content to your working environment.

Benefit from:

  • The latest first-hand information on ISO/SAE 21434 and standardization development
  • Consolidated know-how on the worldwide regulatory/legislative situation for the approval of vehicle types and components
  • Best practices for an efficient implementation of the legal requirements and regulations for cybersecurity by means of the internationally valid standard ISO/SAE 21434
  • First-class specialist lecturers from SAE International, who bring not only didactic know-how but also well-founded experience from practice and auditing

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Cílová skupina

This foundation training provides participants in the automotive industry with the necessary basic knowledge to be able to consider the new cybersecurity requirements according to the ISO/SAE 21434 security standard. This training is appropriate for people who work in the automotive cybersecurity, management, engineering, or audit environment. It is also suitable for project, process and sales managers, as well as those interested in the topic.

Struktura kurzu

Day One

  • Introduction
  • Challenges in the automotive sector
    • Transformation of Mobility
      • Challenges and relevance of protecting vehicles from cyber attackers
  • Cybersecurity basics
    • Basics of automotive security, its goals and protection mechanisms and terminology used
  • Cybersecurity in the automotive sector and current developments in legislation, regulation, and standardization
    • Special challenges in implementation
    • Overview of upcoming laws, regulations and standards and their interaction
  • Automotive cybersecurity engineering according to ISO/SAE 21434
    • How the standard integrates with other disciplines, subject areas, and standards
  • Understanding the language of ISO/SAE 21434
    • Objective, procedure, and language that the standard defines for itself
    • Threat and risk assessment method specified by the standard
  • Methods and practical examples of ISO/SAE21434
    • Threat and risk assessment method specified by the standard applied in practical examples

Day Two

  • Day one review
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Management of ISO/SAE 21434
    • Objectives and requirements of the standard for governance and management of cybersecurity in the organization and in projects
  • Cybersecurity Engineering over the product life cycle
    • Objectives and requirements of the standard for the various phases of the life cycle of a product, from initial concept to decommissioning
    • Contents of the standard are illustrated by means of a case study
  • Continuous and distributed activities with practical examples
    • Objectives and requirements defined by the standard for cybersecurity activities that must be carried out continuously throughout the entire lifecycle
    • Procedure in distributed activities, such as subcontracting or service provider relationships
  • Summary and outlook
  • Sample exam and discussion
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