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Course code: 1830

How to become a real master of words - Clear, decisive, and persuasive communication

  • you will learn new skills, which will make your communication more successful
  • you will learn how to use arguments, feedback, and emotion in everyday life
  • practicing in model situations will let you see your mistakes and work on correcting them
  • you will discover the path to balanced and effective communication, which will strengthen your self-confidence
  • thanks to effective communication you will strengthen relationships in your personal and professional life

Course overview


If you don’t ask, you don’t get

  • what affects the course of communication
  • the art of listening
  • situations in which you should not stay quiet, and how to make your voice heard
  • communication from the perspective of the balance of the communication roles - when and why we lecture, why we are rational or childishly naive

What goes around, comes around

  • the role of emotions - working with our own emotions and with our communication partner’s emotions
  • methods of positive communication
  • being rational vs. emotional
  • body language - the importance of non-verbal communication


Speaking is silver, silence is golden

  • how to avoid conflicts and how to identify warning signals
  • a problem or a conflict
  • how to deal with objections
  • the art of argumentation - how to be convincing

Assertiveness is not aggressiveness

  • perfect preparation vs. pure improvisation
  • feedback techniques in communication
  • assertive rules in use - practicing assertive techniques
  • practicing communication skills on specific examples from your professional lives

Course price

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Date Guaranteed Location Language Duration
25. May 2020 - Prague Czech 2 days Register

Virtual Course

Date Language Duration
Virtual Course English 2 days Register

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