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Join webinar with Karel Smutný, Agile Enterprise Coach, on what to expect from agile approach and also what not to expect.

Agile bubble

There is probably not a single company in Czechia not playing with agile approach in some form. Be it just thinking about it, experimenting, going through pilot projects or even company-wide transformation. However it's not unusual to hear voices from the companies about unmet expectations. "Agile is not for us, we are so specific." - "The Agile does not work." - "We are trying but the management does give Agile necessary support."

Date: April 16, 2019

9.00 a.m. in Czech

10.30 a.m. in English


  • What is in the core of agile approach and why there so many myths around it everywhere.
  • How to get appropriate support from management and how should it look like.
  • Why Scrum is the most popular agile method, why people usually confuse the two and why it does not matter too much.
  • What you should and shouldn't avoid while adopting agile approach.
  • And how are others doing.

Speaker: Karel Smutný, Agile Enterprise Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org

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