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Course code: SADASE

System and database administration: SYBASE ASE 16

We also offer you Sybase courses in cooperation with our business partner – MIBCOM DIMA s.r.o.

1. Manage physical data replacement and storage
2. Create, backup and restore databases
3. Create and manage multiple temporary databases

Course overview

1. SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
   Explaining SAP ASE
   Describing the Database Architecture
   Using Query Editors
2. Installation
   Installing Servers
   Identifying Installation Parameters
   Starting and Stopping SAP ASE
   Connecting Clients to the Server
3. Database Server Configuration
   Explaining the Server Configuration File
   Modifying the Server Configuration File
   Explaining Memory Mechanisms
   Configuring Memory
   Configuring the Size of Caches
4. Space Management
   Creating Devices
   Managing Devices
   Mirroring Devices
   Creating Databases
   Managing Databases
   Managing Disk Resources
   Managing Temporary Databases
5. Security
   Managing Roles
   Creating Logins
   Managing Logins
   Managing Database Users
   Managing Creation Permissions
   Managing Object Permissions
   Creating Groups
   Creating Roles
6. Maintenance
   Using SAP ASE Extraction Utilities
   Using the Bulk Copy Utility
   Explaining Automatic Recovery
   Ensuring Database Consistency
   Setting Up the High Speed Consistency Checker
7. Backup
   Planning for Backups
   Executing Database Backups
   Restoring Database Backups
   Performing Transaction Log Backups
   Using Advanced Backup Techniques
8. Monitoring
   Using SAP DB Cockpit
   Monitoring SAP ASE

Course price

€2,385 (excl. VAT)
€2,886 (incl. VAT)

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Virtual Course English 5 days Register

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