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Course code: MONGO


MongoDB is a very popular open source NoSQL database. When scalability and speed are required, this database shines. It is a document database which imposes very little and has drivers for many programming languages. This course will teach you how to get mongo running, manipulate and query data, index for speed, and arm you with the essential skills required to start using Mongo.

Course overview

  1. Basics
    • Basic Types
    • Packages
    • Control Flow
    • Returns and Jumps
  2. Classes and Objects
    • Classes and Inheritance
    • Properties and Fields
    • Interfaces
    • Visibility Modifiers
    • Extensions
    • Data Classes
    • Generics
    • Nested Classes
    • Enum Classes
    • Objects
    • Delegation
    • Delegated Properties
  3. Functions and Lambdas
    • Functions
    • Lambdas
    • Inline Functions
  4. Other
    • Destructuring Declarations
    • Collections
    • Ranges
    • Type Checks and Casts
    • This expressions
    • Equality
    • Operator overloading
    • Null Safety
    • Exceptions
    • Annotations
    • Reflection
    • Type-Safe Builders
    • Dynamic Type
  5. Interop
    • Calling Java from Kotlin
    • Calling Kotlin from Java

Course price

€1,080 (excl. VAT)
€1,307 (incl. VAT)

Available terms

Date Guaranteed Location Language Duration
1. June 2020 - Prague Czech 3 days Register
8. June 2020 - Bratislava Slovak 3 days Register
1. December 2020 - Prague Czech 3 days Register
7. December 2020 - Bratislava Slovak 3 days Register

Virtual Course

Date Language Duration
Virtual Course English 3 days Register

Alternative terms

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