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CSM EDUGet to know the most popular Agile methodology Scrum from a different point of view! The favorite Certified Scrum Master certification course teaches you all about the Agile development framework and prepares you for taking an internationally recognized certification exam (included in the course price).

The two-day Certified Scrum Master training prepares for performing the role of a Scrum Master and the Scrum team mentor. It is conducted in a form of a workshop where through a variety of exercises and moderated discussions you can really feel the Agile culture, discover Scrum principles and learn some useful techniques from a Scrum Master toolbox. Fun is guaranteed as well as no boring Power Point slides.

The nearest course date: 21. - 22. March 2019 (English)

About instructor

Tomasz Wykowski is seasoned Agile Coach and Trainer. He's the first Polish Certified Scrum Trainer and one of two-hundred Agile Leaders recognized by Scrum Alliance, the most famous certification authority of Agile methodologies and the Scrum process.

Tomasz holds Master Degree in Automatic and Robotic and has a broad experience in software from different perspectives, including development, quality assurance, project management and Agile coaching. His trainings are led in a light, and original way with a large dose of humor. Through his questions, Tomasz provokes students to deeply analyze discussed topics.
His customers vary from small start-ups (Pro4People, PSS9 Development) through mid-size companies (Britenet, Inelo) to large international corporations (ABB, Dolby). Their businesses vary as well, spreading from financial services (BNP Paribas, Euro Bank), through insurances (AXA), SAP services (Allianz Business Services), games (BLStream) to telecommunication (Ericpol).


Last updated: December 3, 2018