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Kód školení: CSCU

Certified Secure Computer User - iLearn

The course is designed for company or private computer users without any technical knowledge concerning the operation system (OS) management. The course provides complex overview of risks, which we are confronted with while using computers or mobile devices for communication on the internet, and teach us to defend ourselves against these risks. The course is required for taking the certification exam CSCU 112-12 and will also prepare you for the exam. The exam is in English, takes two hours and the participants take it at the end of the course.

Obsah školení

Course outline

Security bases

  • Basic terminology
  • Why security?
  • What can you lose when attacked
  • Security elements
  • What to secure

Security of an OS

  • OS security in general
  • Threads for your OS
  • Simple steps to secure your OS
  • Data encryption


  • What is an Antivirus
  • Why to use an Antivirus
  • How an Antivirus detects potentially dangerous programs


  • Terminology
  • Reasons for encryption
  • Use of encryption (discs, communication, certification)

Data backup

  • Why to back up data?
  • Possible loss of data
  • What kind of data to back up and how often
  • Methods of backing up

Internet security

  • Security on the internet in general
  • Setting of web browsers
  • Testing of own security
  • Instant Messaging - ICQ, MSN, Facebook chat
  • Online games
  • How do the criminals earn money using the internet
  • Risks connected to illegal programs download
  • Cyber prostitution and internet relationships
  • Children security on the internet

Secure internet connection

  • Home network
  • Wireless networks
  • Known threads on a wireless network
  • Security of a wireless network
  • Security of the internet connection

Security of online payments

  • Online shopping
  • Online banking
  • Payment via payment card
  • Known payment cards deceptions
  • Steps to secure use of a payment card
  • Security of online transactions
  • Providers of online transaction
  • Identifying of the reliable and unreliable financial services on the internet

E-mail communication security

  • E-mail in men’ cyber life
  • E-mail security
  • Risks connected to an e-mail service
  • How to secure and safely use e-mail

Physical security

  • What can be physically stolen
  • How do thief work
  • How to prevent thefts and burglary

Social engineering and identity theft

  • What is an identity theft
  • What is social engineering
  • Case studies
  • Prevention

Risks of social networks

  • What is a personal profile
  • Internet threats
  • Dangerous behaviour of users - What (not) to do on social networks

Security of smart phones

  • Possible risks concerning smart phones
  • Prevention

EC-Council iLearn: Self-Paced Online Security Training

iLearn is EC Council’s online, self-paced option which means that all of the same modules taught in the live course are recorded and presented in a streaming video format. A certification candidate can set their own learning pace by pausing the lectures and returning to their studies as their schedule permits!

This all-inclusive training program provides the benefits of classroom training at your own pace.

Base package includes:

  • Instructor-led, streaming video training modules – 1 year access
  • Official EC-Council e-courseware – 1 year access
  • iLabs, virtual lab platform – 6 months access
  • Certification Exam Voucher
  • Certificate of Attendance

Předpokládané znalosti

  • Basic knowledge of web browsers use
  • Basic knowledge of e-mail communication use
  • General knowledge concerning online payments using a payment card, PayPal or similar systems.
  • Age above 18 years is required for taking the course as well as the CSCU exam.

Cena školení

5.900,- Kč bez DPH
7.139,- Kč s DPH

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