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The training deepens the important aspects of Scrum and, compared to the Scrum Essentials training, goes into more detail on the Scrum Roles (particularly the Scrum Master), the artifacts and the meetings. In addition, many valuable tipps and advice from practical experiences is given, which is helpful for Scrum implementation or for the time after a Scrum pilot project.

After full attendance you are qualified for taking the Scrum Alliance's online certification exam. The training price includes Scrum Alliance membership for a two year term and examination fees along with two attempts.

What you get

  • Printed Handouts
  • Scrum Framework Poster
  • Agile Manifesto Poster
  • Stationary and Gifts such as our Scrum Juggling Ball
  • One set of Planning Poker Cards
  • Access to electronic material (handouts, slides, reading material)
  • 14 Scrum Educational Units (SEU, Cat. B)
  • 16 PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)
  • A two year term membership with Scrum Alliance
  • Certification fees (two attempts included)
  • Free content updates

Within two days you will get to know Scrum from a different point of view. This workshop differs massively from classical classroom lectures as we use less slides and rather make use of the latest techniques in brain research to impart knowledge: Most of the time we work interactively in small groups to learn and to practice the concepts. We will discuss and hear about real life stories and practical examples, and also acquire knowledge by doing exercises in groups and contrasting the results. You will deepen your knowledge about Scrum with the assistance of an experienced Scrum trainer.

Scrum Alliance's online certification exam


Obsah školení

  • How to become agile
  • Scrum from a different perspective
  • To apply Scrum
  • To practice Scrum
  • Work with self-organizing teams
  • Alternative ways of planning
  • Communication patterns

Available certifications

After attending a two-day Certified Scrum Master course, the final step in becoming a ScrumMaster (CSM) in Scrum is successfully passing an exam. The exam is taken online. You do not need to go to a testing facility. The test comprises 35 multiple-choice questions and to fulfill Scrum Master certification requirements, you must get 24 or more correct. You will not take the test during the two-day course. Rather, you can take the test any time after the course. If you do not pass the CSM exam, you will be shown the questions you missed, but not told the right answer. You will be expected to research the right answer. If you don't pass the test, you can take it a second time at no cost. The Scrum Alliance charges a small fee for each subsequent attempt after the second. Plan on taking about an hour to complete the CSM exam, but you don't need to finish the test in one sitting. You can stop and restart as many times as needed. You can also skip, go back, and bookmark questions for later review. Review your bookmarked questions before submitting your test for scoring. When you click “submit” at the end, a warning message will alert you of any unanswered questions.

  • Scrum Alliance's online certification

The following certifications are included in the price of training session.


23. - 24.5. 2018


Cena školení

22.900,- Kč bez DPH
27.709,- Kč s DPH

Objednávka školení